Thursday, October 15, 2009

23000 Markers

Slowly but surely we are traveling down the road to the historical app DriveByHistory. Almost 23000 markers have now been inputted to the server base. Lots more work to do, but the Devs think they are ahead of the game. October 25, should be the date for a first run of the app on my iPhone. I will find a way to post it, so that I can get suggestions and the important criticisms. I need all the input I can get on the front end to make it as much as a user friendly experience as possible.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Allrighty then. Navigating the new technology of marketing on the web is quite a learning curve and one that, using the current political health care lingo, bending the curve, am not sure if it can be bent. So this post is really a test to see if it will feed into my face book page and my twitter page. When I get this down, I will try and lay it out for all who have faced the uphill of this technology curve.
Well, this is the beginning. First blog, first twitters, first Facebook page. A lot of firsts. 13 years ago I had an idea about a site for college students being able to network about classes and the such. I guess some other people had it at the same time. Little late on that one but I was not a brainy programmer either. So about three years ago, I had another idea. Looks like it takes some time to get these things.

The family was taking quite a few trips from Memphis, TN to Austin, TX and I kept passing signs that said Historical Marker one mile ahead. Well, I thought, wouldn't it be cool if I knew what that Historical Marker was about. Do I want to go see it or would it not be that interesting? For three years I thought how could I make it happen. Every time we took another trip I would start thinking about it again. There was gps navigation and laptops were becoming gps enabled. I could have multiple discs that you would load.....

Then I finally got an Iphone. Look at this!! And it hit me, I could do it with an app. Technology had caught up with the idea.